June 18, 2021

Electronic Earmuffs Review – Walker Vs. Caldwell


Walker Vs. Caldwell Electronic Earmuffs

Do you like your hearing? Well let’s do what we can to preserve it! We’ll be comparing Walker’s electronic earmuffs to Caldwell’s electronic earmuffs. Both of these brands make a variety of reliable ears. They have similar target markets with key differences. To compare these two brands, we must first look at each one individually. To do this, it is best to review a few of their best products and compare them. We’ll start with Walker.

Walker Electronic Earmuffs

Walker Electronic Earmuffs

Walker is a well known ear protection company. They have proved time and time again they produce quality gear. The first one is Walker’s Razor Quad Electronic Ear Muffs. They are a slim and compact fit that offer a comfortable experience. They have a noise reduction rating of 23db. The most defining characteristic about this particular product is its Bluetooth function. This product acts as both earmuffs and headphones. It allows the user to connect with a smartphone and listen to crystal clear audio while at the range. This product is on the more expensive side costing about $70 on Amazon.

Next in the lineup is Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff. These earmuffs offer a very similar experience to the previous one with some differences. This pair is a little bit slimmer than the previous pair and doesn’t have Bluetooth capability. It’s no wonder many hunters prefer this product as it’s very mobile and still has a NRR rating of 23db. This product is great if you’re looking for compact all around use earmuffs. These earmuffs are priced at around $40 on Amazon.

Last but certainly not least, the Walker’s Game Ear XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff. These may be Walker’s most advanced electronic earmuffs they sell. These earmuffs are slim and compact. They are great for both hunting and the range. These ears have a NRR rating of 25db, making them more protective than the other two pairs. They are great quality and the price reflects that. They are usually priced at around $100 on Amazon.

Walker creates high-quality and reliable ear protection. Their electronic ears have no problem protecting your hearing along with providing a comfortable experience. They have a very wide array of products that allow for the consumer to pick the product that fits them best. These electronic earmuffs tend to be more expensive than most electronic ears on the market. How do these compare to Caldwell products?


Caldwell Electronic Earmuffs

Caldwell Electronic Earmuffs

Caldwell over the ear electronic earmuff line includes E-MAX, or E-MAX Pro, and the E-MAX Pro BT. The E-MAX or E-MAX Pro variants are all the same but are offered in a variety of different colors and sizes. There is a regular version and a slim version. They all have a NRR of 23db and offer amazing noise amplification for quiet noises. For this reason, they are great for hunting and communicating at the range. All of these models are under $50 on Caldwell’s website. For that price, they are very reliable and can last a long time. Unlike the E-MAX and E-MAX Pro, the E-MAX Pro BT only comes in one form and color. It comes in a dark green/black and is a slim fit. It offers a NRR of 24db, better than the last pairs, and has the same increased hearing as the last pairs. The E-MAX Pro BT comes with Bluetooth that is compatible with mobile devices. The E-Max Pro BT starts at $100 which is a lot higher than any other electronic Caldwell ears. Overall, Caldwell makes affordable and quality electronic earmuffs with many options to customize your perfect pair. These ears can last a long time if properly taken care of.


The Decision

When making a comparison between these two companies I think it must be said that both companies are great. You can’t go wrong buying electronic ears from either company. They both make quality ear protection and it really comes down to preference. That being said, we would lean towards Caldwell’s electronic ears. The reason for this is they offer a wide variety of customization options for their ear protection. They make really quality ears that offer the same, if not more, perks than Walker. Hunters know the advantage they possess when their hearing is being amplified through the headphones. On the other hand, people that frequent the shooting range know the struggle of removing and reapplying their ears when trying to communicate with one another. Caldwell has proven themself as top-of-the-line when it comes to low volume clarity. Not to mention that Caldwell also supplies headphones with built in Bluetooth. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t Walker offer all of these great perks too?”. They in fact do, but at a cost. Caldwell’s ears are much more affordable than Walker’s. Caldwells ears also last longer and are more durable. Again, we think they both make great products, but the superior choice is clear.


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