June 24, 2021

US LawShield vs. USCCA : The Self-Defense Coverage You Need


Imagine this…

After a long day of work, you’re getting ready to go to bed, but you notice something moving out on your lawn. Out of the shadows, a hooded figure emerges with what looks like a crowbar in their hands…

You silently reach for your firearm, ready to defend yourself and your family, unsure of when you would legally be justified to fire.

Panicked thoughts run through your head as the figure gets closer and closer to your house with unknown intent. Am I allowed to keep my family safe? How do I decide when to fire? Will I have legal defense if I get taken to court for firing? Am I legally within my rights to defend myself in this situation? Will I be able to afford bail if I am taken to jail?

“Am I allowed to keep my family safe? How do I decide when to fire? Will I have legal defense if I get taken to court for firing? Am I legally within my rights to defend myself in this situation? Will I be able to afford bail if I am taken to jail?”

For many gun owners, the uncertainty and fear cause them to second-guess their rights in the heat of the moment, and in such situations every millisecond matters. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Enrolling in a self-defense insurance program can provide gun owners with comprehensive legal coverage and educational programs at low, affordable prices so that they can have peace of mind even in the most hostile situations.

What is Self-Defense Insurance?

What is Self-Defense Insurance?

Self-Defense Insurance is a program meant to protect gun owners when they are involved in a self-defense incident and practice open or concealed carry on public property. Coverage can include bail bond premiums, civil and criminal defense litigation, expert witnesses, firearm training, and more.

Why do you need Self-Defense Insurance?

Most gun owners conceal carry with the intent of defending themselves or their loved ones if a dangerous situation arises. However, even if a firearm is used in self-defense, not everyone will agree on whether a situation merited the use of lethal force. Unfortunately, this is when legal issues can arise.

Suppose you find yourself prosecuted for a self-defense incident, and you don’t have the proper knowledge and legal representation. In that case, you could end up convicted and sent to prison even if your actions are justified. Having self-defense insurance ensures that you have the coverage and resources needed to prove that your actions were justified, so you can have peace of mind if you are ever forced to employ lethal force.

Who Needs Self-Defense Insurance?

Anyone who legally owns or carries weapons meant for self-defense needs to consider enrolling in a self-defense insurance program. Nobody wants to be involved in a situation where self-defense measures are necessitated, but should such a situation ever arise, having self-defense insurance as your legal line of defense is a must.

Is Self-Defense Insurance Worth It?

As soon as firearms get involved, you only get a fraction of a second to make a potentially life-saving decision, and uncertainty may cost you everything. Having the proper knowledge and peace of mind to make the right decisions during hostile situations can mean the difference between life and death.

By providing educational seminars, around-the-clock support, and legal defense coverage, self-defense insurance can help take the pressure off your shoulders in the most critical moments of a potentially life-threatening situation. The last thing you want on your mind in a high-pressure situation is whether you have legal standing to defend yourself.


What are my options?

The two most prominent Self-Defense Coverage options for gun owners are U.S. LawShield (USLS) and U.S. Concealed-Carry Association (USCCA). Let’s compare the two!

U.S. LawShield

U.S. LawShield

Founded in 2009, U.S. LawShield has since carried out its mission of preserving freedom for good. Their team seeks to “educate [their] members in self-defense law; empower them to handle critical, life-threatening situations with confidence; and protect them from potential injustices in the legal system after acts of self-defense.” To this day, they’ve protected close to 700,000 members and educated over 1,000,000 people.

They offer a comprehensive list of coverage and programs that come at an astonishingly low price (see below). U.S. LawShield is a team that cares for you every step of the way, not just an “insurance.”


Not only is the base coverage offered by USLS affordable at only $10.95 per month, it includes all the coverage you need to defend yourself in a court of law should you be forced to act in self defense. Their base coverage includes*:

  • Legal protection in all cases of self-defense with any legal weapon
  • A 24/7 attorney-answered emergency hotline
  • Non-emergency access to Independent Program Attorneys
  • Unlimited civil & criminal litigation coverage
  • State-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources.

However, what makes U.S. LawShield genuinely exceptional is its high level of customization. For those of you who want additional coverage in special circumstances, they also offer*:

  • Gun owner identity theft coverage
  • Multi-state protection
  • Minor children coverage
  • Bail bonds
  • Expert witnesses
  • Hunter and angler regulatory assistance.

These add-ons can be added to the base plan to make a coverage program that is truly perfect for you.

*prices and coverage vary by state. Visit uslawshield.com for detailed information.


U.S. Concealed-Carry Association (USCCA)

USCCA was founded in 2003 by Tim Schmidt. Their program is structured in three different levels (Gold, Platinum, Elite) that offer varying educational material and liability insurance levels. They serve approximately 600,000 members across the United States.

Their program includes basic legal liability at the Gold level and depending on which of the three levels of subscription you choose. You can get various additional perks and materials.


Gold Level Coverage ($29/month)

  • Concealed Carry Magazine (Print + Digital Subscription)
  • Situational Awareness Digital Video
  • When to Use Deadly Force Digital Video
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance*
  • USCCA Qualification Level 1 (online lesson qualifications)
  • Up to 30% in discounts
  • Free Shipping in USCCA Store

Platinum Coverage ($39/month)
Offers everything in the Gold Level plus:

  • 5 Years of Concealed Carry Magazine back issues
  • The Proving Ground: Scenario-Based Training Digital Video Series
  • New Training every month
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance*
  • USCCA Qualification Level 2
  • “Ask an Attorney” Video Series

Elite Coverage ($49/month)
Offers everything in Platinum plus:

  • All Concealed Carry Magazine back issues
  • Mastering Handgun Confidence digital video
  • The Armed American Training Series digital video
  • Armed & Ready Digital Video Series
  • “Ask an Attorney” Video Series + Complete Archive
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance*
  • USCCA Qualification Level 3
  • Elite Concierge Line (for non-emergencies)

USCCA is not available to residents in New Jersey, New York, or Washington State.

A Side-By-Side Comparison: U.S. LawShield vs. USCCA

When looking through the benefits that each program offers, I believe that U.S. LawShield offers a special program at a lower price point.


What U.S. LawShield Offers That Others Don’t

I could keep you here for hours to tell you the reasons why U.S. LawShield stands a cut above the competition in this Self-Defense coverage market. However, I cut it down to the five most important reasons to make it simple for you.

24/7 Hotline with Attorneys

Reason 1: 24/7 Hotline with Attorneys

Crime strikes when you least expect it. That’s why it is essential to have a responsive team of attorneys that can offer legal advice that is specific to your state and situation no matter what time of day it is. While other companies use call centers staffed by people with no legal expertise, and where calls may be recorded and used against you in a court of law, U.S. LawShield works with a network of Independent Program Attorneys prepared to help you every step of the way. While USLS might not allow you to pick your own attorneys, they will partner you with experienced gun lawyers who are ready and willing to fight for you 24/7/365. Crime can strike at any moment, but you can be assured that no matter when you need legal assistance USLS’s team of expert attorneys are available to help. The USLS emergency hotline is always available and ready to help as you don’t get to pick when crime will happen to you.

No Cap on Attorney Coverage

Reason 2: No Cap on Attorney Coverage

As soon as you activate your U.S. LawShield membership, you’re plugged into a network of Independent Program Attorneys that will tirelessly defend you—in both civil and criminal cases—if you use a gun in self-defense. The best part is, there is no cap on how much they cover in attorney fees. That means that no matter what happens, the attorneys will be with you every step of the way while YOU PAY NO ATTORNEY FEES. The last thing you need to be worrying about during this time is additional fees. When you’re a USLS member, you’re covered.

Coverage For All Legal Weapons

Reason 3: Coverage For All Legal Weapons

I mentioned it several times throughout this article, but U.S. LawShield covers self-defense with all legal weapons. That means that even if you defend yourself with, for example, a shovel, your USLS coverage for self-defense still applies. That means while other insurances leave you to dry, U.S. LawShield will still carry through with the promise of offering the best quality legal representation and services to defend your rights to self-defense.

State-Specific Training and Information

Reason 4: State-Specific Training and Information

Due to America’s complex legal landscape, where gun laws vary drastically from state to state, the information you find online about firearms and concealed carry is too general to provide you with an accurate understanding of your state’s laws and regulations. An advantage U.S. LawShield provides is access to educational videos tailored to specific states, along with in-person events and seminars that are engaging and informative. It’s always important to remember that gun laws vary by state, and USLS has you covered when it comes to those differences.

Low Cost, Customizable

Reason 5: Low Cost, Customizable

This is perhaps the biggest reason why U.S. LawShield outperforms the rest of its competition. If you look at the charts above, a U.S. LawShield membership is $10.95 per month. USCCA, on the other hand? Their cheapest package is $29 per month. You might be wondering, why is it so much more expensive? Let me tell you. The only significant difference is the number of videos and magazines included in the package.
You heard that right. And it gets even worse at the “Elite Coverage” level of USCCA that costs $49 per month.

That is exactly why I recommend U.S. LawShield, which gives gun owners the coverage they need without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

The issue escalates when it comes to customizability. USCCA implements a loose “one-size-fits-all” coverage where the only thing customizable is the pamphlets and videos they send you. On the other hand, U.S. LawShield’s coverage is genuinely customizable, offering unique and effective coverage options that you can pick and choose based on your necessities. That is real value.



If you are a gun owner looking for self-defense Insurance, I can recommend no better company than U.S. LawShield. The range of coverage options and the meager price offered by USLS are unmatched compared to other insurance programs on the market. Furthermore, the support that its members get both in and out of the courtroom is unparalleled.

Again, imagine yourself holding the gun in your house as the shadowed figure approaches your home with a crowbar. As a U.S. LawShield member…

No more uncertainty when you strap that gun to your hip.
No more apprehension after you lock the doors and put your kids to bed.
No more fear of the uncertain future if you’re ever forced to act in self-defense.

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