June 29, 2022

Ultradyne C4 Sights Versus Magpul MBUS Pro

Iron sights don’t get much love these days. Optics are superior in a multitude of different ways. They can be faster, increase your range and generally make hitting a target much easier. That being said, iron sights aren’t entirely out of style. They are most commonly seen as backup iron sights, and today we are talking about two of the best backup iron sights on the market, the Ultradyne C4 and the Magpul MBUS Pro sights. 

Both of these are high-quality, professional-grade folding iron sights. While they are a folding design and will likely be used as backup sights, both are plenty capable of being primary sighting systems and are extremely precise and well made. Which is better? Well, that’s a tough call. 

These iron sights have a fair bit in common but are fairly different as well. Let’s cover what they have in common first. These sights are both made from metal and quite durable. They both fold out of the way and make it fairly easy for them to be low profile. The MBUS Pro iron sights and the Ultradyne C4 sights come in standard and offset mounts. 

Both are designed for AR 15-style rifles with inline stocks. They sit high enough to co-witness with the most common AR height optics. These iron sights are both modular and allow for greater customization than you’d likely expect. While that is what these sights have in common, it’s time to dive into what makes these sights different. 

Getting Frisky With the Magpul MBUS Pro 

Magpul has been in the back up iron sights game for a long time. They started with the standard polymer MBUS sights that worked wonderfully and have only gotten better as time has passed. The MBUS Pro represents Magpul’s dedication to achieving perfection. Magpul designed the sights for the shooter with high standards and a modern rifle from the ground up. 

Heck, even the shape of the sights is taken into consideration. These sights are designed to be low profile. They sit super low and out of the way until they are needed. If you are running an IR laser aiming module, the thin front sight stays out of the way and is designed to stay out of the way with the laser on. Both iron sights have two positive locking locations in the down and up positions. 


Both the front and rear sight feature tool-less adjustment, so zeroing and even adjustments in the field are simple. Adjustments are half an MOA, so it’s easy to measure, adjust and perfect your zero. The rear sight has both a small precision aperture and a larger, faster aperture. This makes the sights versatile and on par with the classic M16 sights. 

The front sight post can be removed and replaced with a number of aftermarket options. You can get thicker front sights, thinner, or hell, even a big night sight for those low light encounters. 


These sights it at AR height and work perfectly with all your favorite optics. On top of that, they are made from steel and case hardened with a melonite finish. They are tough, simple, and well-made. They are what most shooters expect from AR 15 iron sights. 


Breaking Down the Ultradyne C4 sights 

Ultradyne makes some very innovative products in a realm where we think everything’s already been done. They prove that innovation can come to anything. This includes the C4 sights. If you want classic, AR 15 style sights, I’d suggest you go to the MBUS Pro iron sights. If you want a more modern sighting option that does things differently, then the Ultradyne C4 sights are for you. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the front sight post is unlike any other on the market. It’s not just a post. Instead of a post, it’s another aperture. The front post has a big hole in it. You look through the rear peep sight, at the front sight, and then through the front sight and at your target. 

This allows you to see your target and at longer ranges being able to see your target helps ensure you can hit it. You can also have a close-range target focus which allows you to focus on the threat and deal with it as necessary. The stock front aperture is 12 MOA but can be swapped for an 8, 10, or 14 MOA post. 

The rear sight is a standard peep sight, kind of. You can screw in a device to limit the size of the aperture for more precision shooting. The factory opening is .07 for quick shots, and you can screw in a .05 aperture for precision. 

The sights have a built-in bullet drop compensator that allows 50 to 600 yards adjustment. I don’t know of any set of iron sights that function like this. It’s handy and somewhat optimistic for 600-yard shots, but why not?

Iron Sights For All 

The MBUS Pro sights give you the classic sight picture that you can’t beat. If you’re used to standard iron sights, the MBUS Pro models are for you. If you are new to iron sights, the Ultradyne C4 sights might be the way to go. 

The MBUS Pro and C4 sights both work very well. I’ve been a convert to the C4 sights, but the Magpul MBUS sights also sit on a rifle or two in my possession. Regardless of the route you take, your rifle will be equipped with the best irons on the market. 


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