June 16, 2022

The CZ P10C versus Glock 19 – Compact Polymer Madness

The compact handgun realm is an interesting one. If I were new to guns, I probably wouldn’t see the Glock 19 or CZ P10C as compact weapons. I think it all started with the P228, but I’m willing to be wrong. Once you start carrying, you begin to appreciate just how perfect these compact firearms are for multiple roles. They are a bit of a jack of all trades size of gun. 

Compact handguns can be used in a multitude of roles. They are just small enough to be easily concealed and carried comfortably. At the same time, they offer you an excellent, full-sized grip that makes the weapon easy to control and easy to shoot. The size of the grip ensures it conceals a magazine with an impressive capacity. Fitting 15 rounds of 9mm into these weapons isn’t uncommon. 

These guns come with features that make them an excellent choice for home defense as well. They feature rails for lights, oftentimes have optics-ready options, and have nice big sights that are easy to see and engage targets. The Glock 19 has long been the standard-bearer for compact pistols, but the CZ P10C is one of many competitors trying to eat its lunch. 

Did CZ succeed? Or is the Glock 19 still the standard to match? Today we plan to find out. 


Off the bat, handgun accuracy can be tough to judge. These weapons aren’t precision rifles, or hell, even just regular rifles. They aren’t 1 MOA weapons. Most people can’t outshoot their handgun’s potential. However, there are some factors that make a gun easier to shoot for some and harder to shoot for others. 

Off the bat, the CZ P10C has a few advantages over the Glock 19. The CZ P10C comes with a better trigger that’s flat-faced and breaks at exactly 90 degrees. It’s a very crisp trigger that’s quite exceptional for a stock pistol. It’s not Walther PPQ good, but it’s fairly close. 

Glock’s trigger has always been rather nice. It showed the benefits of striker-fired triggers to the masses. It’s a good trigger, but it’s not great. The biggest problem with the trigger is the pinch. It’s a sharp trigger that becomes annoying when shooting all day with a high round count. 

Famously Glock sights also suck. Not only are they crappy polymer, but they are unnecessarily large, making it harder to see smaller targets. CZ uses all-metal sights that are nice and thin, making it easy to see your target. The combination of the better sights and trigger gives the CZ a slight advantage. 


Ergonomics are often more subjective than objective. Rarely can weapons be just plainly offensive in terms of ergonomics. Both of these guns have very simple ergonomics that lack anything fancy or crazy. Controls-wise, the guns have a trigger, a slide lock, and a magazine release. 

The current Gen 5 Glocks introduced ambidextrous slide locks and releases, and the P10 C features ambi slide locks and releases as well. Both guns have reversible magazine releases, and both lack manual safeties. Both guns feature easy to reach controls that click and pop just right. 

My big thumbs pin down the slide lock on both of these guns when firing. This means the slide fails to lock to the rear because my thumb pins it down. It’s common with my thumbs and guns.

The big difference comes from the grip angle and grip texture. Grip angle can be a very subjective experience; and the Glock goes with a European 22-degree grip angle, and CZ uses a more American and 1911-like 18-degree grip angle. I prefer the CZ, but it’s merely a preference. What CZ does do right is use a very aggressive grip texture. While lots of guys stipple their Glocks to improve the grip, the CZ doesn’t need this. 


Both CZ and Glock have made a name with reliable weapons, and both the Glock 19 and CZ P10C score high. Will either gun fail you when you need it to work? No, likely not, so how do we say one is better than the other? Well, the Glock 19 has been around for decades, and the CZ P10C doesn’t quite have that provenance. 

The Glock series of pistols are incredibly reliable and proven by decades of use by police and military forces around the world. It’s been in the world’s worst places and worked wonderfully. For that reason, the Glock 19’s proven design makes it a winner. That’s not to say the P10C isn’t reliable, and it just hasn’t had the time to stretch its legs. 


When it comes to price points, the guns are nearly equal. When we compare the price of a standard CZ P10C with a Gen 5 Glock 19, we see a negligible price difference. They are both priced as you’d expect in the mid-500s. Where the Glock does beat the P10C is in magazines. Glock magazines are much more affordable. CZ P10C magazines are pricey and only made by CZ, so there isn’t competition to challenge that price point. 

Modern Modular Madness 

Both of these are winning handgun designs. The Glock has proven itself reliable and capable, and the CZ system has taken the Glock 19 size handgun and brought it into the modern-day. Both are fantastic firearms, and if it’s a mid-size gun, you can’t go wrong with either of these firearms. I can’t honestly say I like one more than another, but the good news is in America, I can own both. 


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