June 21, 2021

Pistol Grip Lasers – Crimson Trace vs. Streamlight


Crimson Trace vs. Streamlight Pistol Grip Lasers

If you’re a pistol owner and like precise accuracy with your gun (which we hope you do), mounted lasers are a great tool that can help with that. They help you zero-in on targets that are difficult to see, reduce accuracy problems, keep your shots consistent, and more. Let’s compare the different lasers from popular companies Crimson Trace and Streamlight. They manufacture a wide range of mounted lasers at various price ranges, and we’ll be looking through their individual specs and seeing which one is the best for you.

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace is a well-established gun accessory maker that has a wide selection of pistol grip lasers at various price points.

The first laser we’ll look at is the LG-639 for the GLOCK, one of their cheapest lasers clocking in at $169.00 on Amazon. It’s core feature is the instinctive activation technology that activates that beam as soon as the user grips onto the pistol grip. The laser features a 5mW peak output, 620-670nm wavelength, and Class 3R visible red laser. The laser is factory sighted at ‘50, but can be adjusted by the user if desired. It has an estimated battery life of around four (4) hours that runs off two 2032 batteries which are included with the package.

Another laser Crimson Trace offers is the LG-401 model for 1911 full-size pistolsOnene of the most highly rated pistol lasers in 20it features the same instinctive activation technology as the LG-63andth a bright green laser with a 5mW peak output. It has an estimated battery life of around two (2) hours that runs of two 2016 batteries that are included in the package. And for ease of use, the LG-401 model comes with a master on/off switch that completely powers the laser down. This is one of the more expensive models coming in at $265.00 on Amazon. Its premium model that features a red light along with four (4) hours of battery life comes in at $305.00 on Amazon.

Other various lasers for different gun models come in various shapes and sizes, some being mounted lasers while their more premium options are their grip laser lines. Regardless, their exceptional build quality and bright lasers get the job done.



Another reputable pistol accessory manufacturer, Streamlight, also offers a variety of mounted lasers. Their lasers don’t feature the same instant activation technology that the Crimson Trace lasers do, but they come in at a far cheaper price range.

The first laser we’ll look at is the TLR-6 flashlight-laser combo-mounted laser. It will attach to most 1911 handguns without rails and features a 100-lumen bright flashlight and a Class 3R, 640-660nm red laser. The LED light and red laser combo are estimated to run for around one (1) hour, while the laser-only mode is supposed to run for around eleven (11) hours. To activate, the TLR-6 requires users to press several buttons on the sides of the device. The TLR-6 is one of their more entry-level selections that come in around $99.75 on Amazon.

One of their higher-end lasers is their TLR-8 which costs around $180.00 to purchase on Amazon. It features a 500 lumen light along with a similar Class 3R, 650nm red laser. The light is rated to last around an hour and a half (1.5 hours) and uses White C4 LED technology for bright light. It also features three different modes for the user: light only, laser and light, and laser only.

Overall, Streamlight is also a very affordable option that features lights and lasers with a lot of power and exceptional build quality.

crimson trace vs streamlight laser

The Decision

Both companies offer a variety of great products at each end of their quality range. You can’t go wrong with either choice, and even at each company’s lower-end range of products, you’ll still find reliable products that will help you with your targeting and accuracy-improving needs. However, if we were to make a choice, we would lean more toward Crimson Trace’s line of lasers with instinctive activation technology. The competitive edge that the automatic activation technology gives is most definitely worth the slight gap in price. In addition, the comfort of having instant laser guidance as soon as you pick up your weapon is a comfort that is missing with manually activated lasers. You might be thinking, “Isn’t that just a preference?” That may be true, but in many scenarios, having those extra seconds proves to be very useful, and the pistol grip laser from Crimson Trace also comes in on top in terms of bulk. Mounted lasers often come with additional weight that makes it uncomfortable to use the weapon, but the slim body of the pistol grip laser also eliminates that problem. Both companies offer great products at the end of the day, but in terms of form factor, ease of use, and functionality, the superior choice is clear.


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