March 20, 2022

Holsters: Crossbreed vs. Alien Gear

Aliengear vs Crossbreed Holster

The Concealed Holster

A fraction of a second is the difference between life and death. To ensure the quickest and smoothest draw when concealed carrying, we’ll be comparing two holsters. These holsters are Crossbreed’s holsters and Alien Gear’s holsters. Both of these companies make hybrid wraparound concealed carry holsters. We’ll be evaluating based on draw position, material, comfort, durability, smoothness, and more. To do this, we’ll have to look at each company individually then compare the two. Let’s first take a look at Alien Gear’s concealed carry holsters.

Alien Gear

Alien Gear’s Concealed Hybrid Holster

Alien Gear is well trusted among the concealed carry holster community. Their holsters are hybrid wraparound holsters that are reliable and frequently changing to keep up with the times. The wraparound belt is made of a rubber type of material, and the holster is made out of Kydex. The Kydex holster doesn’t provide the snuggest fit for the firearm. However, the rubberish material allows the holster to pull your firearm closer to you as the material is more elastic.

A downside to this holster is the hooks are not made of metal and therefore cause the holster to sag more. This makes it less comfortable for the user. Another downside of Alien Gear is their lack of red-dot compatible holsters. They claim this to be a consequence of an ever-changing market, but everyone knows red-dot compatible holsters are a quick modification. What helps make up for these flaws is their customer service. They allow the user to send in their old Alien Gear holsters and have all of the old parts swapped out for new features. This whole process only costs the user $7. Taking all of this into consideration, Alien Gear seems to be a pretty good brand. Now, let’s evaluate Crossbreed’s holsters.

Crossbreed holster

Crossbreed’s Concealed Hybrid Holster

Crossbreed is one of the other big brand names for hybrid concealed carry holsters. They, too, have proven themselves time and time again. Crossbreed’s holsters are made up of leather for the wraparound belt and Kydex for the holster. Their leather wraparound belt is a little stiff at first but molds to the user. This makes for a snug and comfortable fit. Crossbreed’s Kydex holster provides a tight and reliable fit for the user’s firearm. Also, their hooks are made out of metal. This creates a sturdy and dependable fit for the user. Finally, their holsters are red-dot ready and allow for a variety of concealed carry weapons.


The Right Holster

The comparison is simple. Although both companies make reliable holsters, Crossbreed is the clear winner. The dimension and materials they use create a comfortable and dependable fit. These holsters will secure your firearms properly and will be hardly noticeable. Although Alien Gear makes great holsters, Crossbreed is the winner.

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