September 29, 2021

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Fort Knox FTK-PB vs. GunVault 1000S

If you own a handgun, there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot go without: a safe. Not only does it give you a convenient place to store your weapon, but it’s also an imperative part of protecting your children, deterring robberies, and keeping your firearms well-maintained. But which is the best bedside safe to buy? Today, we’ll be comparing two high-quality bedside safes to help you make that decision: the Fort Knox FTK-PB and the GunVault GV1000S.

Fort Knox FTK-PB bedside safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB

As one of the most established bedside safes on the market is the Fort Knox FTK-PB, the tried and true “strongest safe.” With a strong, durable material for the outside and a plush foam-lined interior, it is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

The safe features a mechanical lock with 1081 possible combinations, an anti-theft alarm, and an attractive limited lifetime warranty. These features together combine to make an attractive deal for any handgun owner. The lock system makes access to the sizable safe easy which makes for an easy user experience, the anti-theft system offers protection against robbers and accidents, and the lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.

Currently, the Fort Knox FTK-PB sits at around $315 on Amazon, a high price point for safes in this quality range. However, several factors justify that high price point. The main reason is the limited lifetime warranty and the second is the quality. With thick, high-quality steel, the safe will be durable for a long time, making the investment worth it. After all, you never want to compromise on safety.

GunVault 1000S bedside safe

GunVault GV1000S

In contrast, the GunVault GV1000S is a safe that implements new technologies and offers a unique user experience. It features a sturdy 16-gauge steel housing with a compact form factor that allows you to carry around the safe anywhere if necessary.

Its features include the aforementioned 16-gauge steel housing, audio and LED warning lights, and a unique lock system. Overall, these features placed together make the user experience very simple and easy for people who want to have a bedside safe that is light and compact. But that doesn’t mean that the safe compromises on safety. The thick steel housing and nearly unbreakable lock system ensure that your guns will be safe (the manufacturer says breaking in is “impossible).

But the key feature that distinguishes this bedside safe is the lock system. The GunVault GV1000S uses a patented “No-Eyes” keypad with a tactile button combination rather than a number combination that helps you easily gain access to the safe even in the dark. But it still is extremely secure because there are over 12 million combinations that are possible.

Currently, the GunVault GV1000S sells on Amazon for $110, a far lower price point when compared to the Fort Knox FTK-PB, and at the lower-medium range for bedside safes at this price point.

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Both the Fort Knox FTK-PB and the GunVault GV1000S have their own merits that make each very attractive and serve their purposes extremely well. You can’t go wrong with either choice. However, if we were to make a decision, we would slightly lean toward the Fort Knox FTK-PB. That’s because we prefer the sturdier structure of the Fort Knox FTK-PB that gives us the peace of mind that our guns will be safe. However, we truly believe that the choice depends on individual preferences and circumstances. The Fort Knox FTK-PB may be better for those that don’t plan on traveling or need the compact form factor of the GunVault GV1000s and mainly desire a safe for protection and safety purposes. We would recommend the GunVault GV1000s for anyone that needs the compact form factor and wants a faster lock system and the tactile No-Eyes safe system that allows you easy access even in the dark.

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